Chicks in the Chapel

We want to thank all of our supporters who helped us donate a significant portion of the costs towards this Easters "Chicks in the Chapel" at Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Whilst learning about new life and the Easter story, incredibly sick children and their families are able to name, care for and watch the chicks grow until they move to their forever homes in the great outdoors. Ethical welfare is absolutely paramount and the chicks are treated with exceptional care just like all of the other children at the hospital.

An important message for the children is to experience what it's like to say goodbye at the end when the chicks move on. It's an incredibly sad reality that these siblings may also have to say a last goodbye to their precious brothers or sisters far too soon.

Hospital staff have special Covid-19 procedures in place so as the event can still go ahead and benefit the children.

We will post updates as and when we get them. Thank you to everyone who helped fundraise for this amazing cause.

Click here to view a special message video