Daisy Gets Her Chair

Over the Christmas period we did a photo fundraiser in aid of Delightful Daisy. We invited residents of Cofton Hackett, Birmingham to join our festive photo fundraiser to raise money to buy Daisy her brand new chair. So many families took part and all the pictures looked great. It was a really special way to remember Christmas during lockdown whilst doing something amazing for a little girl in need. 

The chair is specially adapted and designed to fit Daisy now and in the future which gives maximum value for money. Daisy’s parents are expected to pay out around £4,000 over the next year for adaptive equipment she needs just to live a normal and comfortable life. This chair cost around £1,000 and it is the least we can do for such a special girl. 

Daisy's mum said "The chair is an amazing addition to the forever growing array of equipment Daisy has, however this is the only piece that offers her support whilst relaxing. Up to now she’s always had a baby type bouncer which was not good for her posture. Unfortunately due to Daisy having severely low muscle tone she is high risk of scoliosis, it is very important we try everything we can to prolong this and the severity. Not only is this chair ideal for relaxing she is also able to play in it as it come with a tray. She unable to explore and feel new textures so with this tray we can bring it to her. This chair will grow with her and due to being on a large beanbag we will only need in the future to change the insert, however that won’t be needed for a long while yet. Thank you again for this amazing piece of equipment it’s truly making a massive difference. We already couldn’t imagine life without it after only a couple of weeks."

Thank you to everybody who joined in our amazing photo fundraiser you have helped do something truly amazing! 

Below are some of the amazing photos taken by local photographers Winnington Coe. Winnington Coe gave up two days of their time all for free to help us out. Please consider using them for your events, you won't be disappointed.