Our 1st Year

A Message from our Founder.

Today marks 1 whole year since we officially launched this amazing charity to support very sick children and their families. Our fantastic charity was initially set up in memory of our beloved 1st child Woody who died after just 23 days from an incredibly rare disease. Heartbreakingly our 2nd child Winter died last year after just 5 hours from seemingly the same fatal illness.

We are proud of everything we have achieved over the past year and we are equally as proud of all our fantastic supporters who make what we do possible. Our aim was, is and always will be to benefit the sickest children and their families through acts of kindness, standing by our mantra that we are a small charity who make a big difference.

In our 1st year we have been able to meet so many of our targets and execute what we set out to do. Not only have we gained full registered charity status we have been able to generate 100's and 100's of free soft toys for very sick children through our unique 'Send a Friend' campaign whilst giving supporters value for money and honouring children lost too soon. We have created the Woody Alvin award for excellence in children's critical care with the Winter Ayre award soon to be launched for excellence in children's bereavement care too. We have been able to provide special trips out and activities in hospital such as the Sea Life Centre, Legoland Discovery, Magicians and the very special activity of 'Chicks in the Chapel' to alleviate the realities of living with serious illness. We have created our monthly Parents bereavement forum and therapeutic activity group 'Feathers' set up especially for babyloss support. We have had to, like everybody else, navigate the very uncertain times of the Covid-19 pandemic where during this time we have still been able to operate and recently fundraised enough to buy 2 ipads to help keep sick children and their families connected during the horrendous restrictions. We are proud to welcome Jodi our newest trustee to our team and we thank every single volunteer and fundraiser from the bottom of our hearts.

We are proud of the impact our small charity has had on bringing the community together through our fundraising and events, raising awareness of serious illnesses within children and often the heartbreaking reality of death.

Thank you to each and every one of our supporters for every single thing you do to help make what we do worthwhile.

Best wishes