Aimee's Backstory

In loving memory of
Aimee Hanks
11.08.2005 – 10.02.2006

We discovered we were expecting our second child shortly after our eldest daughters 1st birthday and were looking forward to expanding our family.

We attended our routine 12 week scan which indicated signs of potential health complications with the baby, so a CVS was carried out. When we received the results we were told we were having another daughter and that she had Down Syndrome.

Throughout the pregnancy there were extra scans and tests which revealed Aimee had other health complications including Congenital Heart Disease, which would require surgery before her first birthday.

Following a normal but speedy delivery Aimee arrive at 37 weeks weighing 7lb 7oz and was immediately rushed to NICU for testing and observation, it was then discovered she had another complication with her heart which would need to be operated on in the foreseeable future. Aimee was transferred to Birmingham Children’s Hospital where she had open heart surgery at 2 weeks old to repair Coarctation of The Aorta. Following her surgery Aimee recovered well and she was able to come home when she was 4 weeks old, with the hope she wouldn’t need further surgery until she was closer to 1 year old.
Whilst at home Aimee’s development progressed well and she was a happy baby despite all the hospital visits and treatment on her leg for talipes.

At 12 weeks old Aimee contracted Bronchiolitis and became very poorly so was admitted to Birmingham Children’s Hospital again. Aimee struggled to recover so the decision was made to repair the AVSD, so for the second time within 3 months Aimee had to under-go open heart surgery. The surgery was a success and we were hopeful that Aimee would be back home with us within a few weeks. However Aimee suffered several setbacks with her recovery and remained in hospital.

Shortly before she turned 6 months old Aimee became really lethargic and her hands and feet felt really cold, she was treated for an infection but became worse over the passing days and was put on life support. Following testing it was revealed Aimee had contracted MRSA and her organs were shutting down. No matter what treatment was given Aimee just couldn’t fight anymore so we made the heart-breaking decision to turn off her life support.

Our families came to say goodbye and a priest came to baptise her, then Aimee was placed in my arms for her final cuddle and goodbye.

“A little flower, lent not given.
To bud on Earth and bloom in Heaven”