Arron's Backstory

In loving memory of
Arron Leigh Meredith
15.04.1988 - 11.05.1988

Arron was my first baby and I was so excited and happy, I couldn’t wait for him to arrive. He was overdue by 2 weeks, so I went into hospital for another week. The Drs decided to induce him, but things didn’t go well and he was born by emergency caesarean. While I was still sleeping the nurses noticed he was struggling to breathe regularly, he was sent to SCBU as a precaution. I saw him for the first time later that day. He was so beautiful, he looked perfect.

Overnight he became more poorly and was put onto a ventilator. I was devastated, it was my worst nightmare and I was living it. Gradually over the next month he wasn’t getting any better, the Drs didn’t know what was wrong. He died on 11th May 1988.

Thirty three years have passed, and the pain is still the same, but it’s just a part of me now. I have learned to live with it. He is still my much loved first born son. Arron is Uncle to Woody and Winter, despite all of the things I was told after he died it now seems that Arron had the same ultra rare illness as Woody and Winter.