Beth's Story

In loving memory of
Bethan (Beth) Naomi Harris
16.11.2018 - 26.11.2018

After an easy and uneventful pregnancy with our first child, I went into labour on the evening of 15th November 2018. We arrived at the hospital and it was clear that my labour was progressing quickly and Beth would arrive soon.

In the very late stages of labour, just 30 minutes before Beth was born her heart rate plunged and then was lost. She was resuscitated and quickly transferred to the Neonatal unit (NNU), where she underwent a cooling process for 3 days to see if they could limit the amount of brain damage. Sadly, it became apparent that Beth did not have any brain function, and we made the difficult decision to remove her life support. During her time on the NNU we were able to bathe her and make some precious memories.

We were warned that Beth could live for several days without life support and that the situation could be very unpredictable. After a couple of days of being with her in hospital, we decided to move with her to Shooting Stars Hospice which was a lovely environment and the staff helped us make even more memories with her.
On 26th November 2018 surrounded by the happy chit chat of her mum, dad, nanna and auntie she took her last breath in my arms. Beth will always be our first born and is in our hearts and thoughts every day.

We love you Snuzzi
Mummy & Daddy xxx