Ciaphus's Backstory

In Loving Memory of 
Ciaphus Amey
08.01.2024 – 26.01.2024
Pregnancy is supposed to be this time in life when so many things come together, it is shown so often as this beautiful, exhilarating time where bodies change and new life is brought into being. We had a different experience.

Morning sickness, in the morning, afternoon, evening and whenever any kind of food or smell deigned to be nearby! Throughout our pregnancy Ciaphus pushed everything back up that got eaten and loved to scare us over and over by sitting still. Over and over we went into the hospital to check he was ok and doing well and every time he reappeared on the screen, wiggling around and playing hide and seek with us before we were discharged every time to go home and continue working through the sickness and nausea.

That is what we thought was going to happen the last time we went in. We went in with some significant pain and several tests were done, a lot of waiting before suddenly things started moving a lot faster. Suddenly in the early morning we were told that he was coming today, 2 months early. To say we were unprepared would be putting it lightly.
He arrived into bright hospital lights in the early January morning, a placental abruption disrupting his nice comfy nap and he was immediately the most beautiful thing we had ever seen. Holding him in that hospital room, shivering from the cold and exhaustion was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. That change from person to parent instantly galvanizing you emotionally to be ready to give anything to protect this new little human!
Then he was whisked away to the neo-natal unit to continue his journey. His journey was off to a strong start, he made it through his first few days strong and was flying, until he started struggling to keep up with the increases to the amount of milk he was given. Changes were made and he continued to do well, right up until the minute he didn’t.
Jumping forward through some of the best memories of our lives for brevity, he started to become unwell, he was put onto some support and drugs, and we were told he had sepsis. He fought hard and came through it a few days later with his infection counts dropping right down. Unfortunately, this fight came at a high cost as we were woken early the next day to a new infection and his condition worsened rapidly. His little immune system had fought so hard to win the first time that he had nothing left to fight with. We tried everything, and the hospital team fought so hard to give him every chance but the following day we made the choice to let him leave us peacefully.

We got the chance to say our goodbyes and he fell asleep for the last time in our arms surrounded by the tears of loving family. We loved him more than can ever be put into words and we will be feeling the hole he has left in our hearts forever.

Love you always.
Mommy & Daddy xxxxx