Delilah’s Backstory

In loving memory of 
Delilah Esme Rose Bubb
24.12.2021 - 25.12.2021
Delilah was born Christmas Eve 2021 at 34 weeks and 4 days , she was born perfectly healthy she just needed a little bit of extra help with her breathing. Then as a few hours went by Delilah’s lactic acid starting going up they tried all they could do to bring it down but they couldn’t bring it down so then they put Delilah onto a ventilator. Delilah then started having seizures which then caused her to have brain damage.

On Christmas Day Birmingham metabolic team came to Worcester royal to help stop Delilah feeling poorly but nothing worked. On the evening of Christmas Day the metabolic team said there wasn’t anything else they could do for Delilah and told us it would be better to turn of the life support as it was also the kindest thing to do.

Delilah had a metabolic disorder which was caused by a mitochondrial disease, this also caused Delilah to be blind and deaf, her muscle tone was also very weak. However, Delilah was perfect in every single way.