Ella's Story

In loving memory of 
Ella Jayne Byrom-Whitehead
06.05.2015 - 21.10.2015
After having our beautiful boy Harry we decided to try for a sibling when he was around a year old, a couple of months later I was pregnant. We had our first scan at 13 weeks and were absolutely shocked to discover we were having identical twins. We were so excited and couldn’t wait to find out if we were having girls or boys. At 16 weeks we found out we were having twin girls. Excitedly we chose names, right from being younger I had loved the name Ella and we thought Lola would also fit perfectly too. At 37 weeks I was induced and gave birth to two beautiful baby girls. Ella and Lola were just amazing, we instantly adjusted to a family of 5 and their big brother now almost 2 years old adored them too. The girls grew and developed as normal, we were so happy and could see how attached to each other they were. Constantly touching each other; they were never apart.

At 5 and a half months the girls were put to bed as normal on October the 20th 2015. I awoke to hear crying for a feed at approximately 5 the following morning. I usually did the bottle feeds alone but this time I woke my then husband to help. As I went to the cot to pick up our girls I saw just Lola was crying for her feed. Ella was still and face down. I picked her up straight away and knew she was gone. I screamed out that she was not moving and quickly dialled for an ambulance. I tried to resuscitate her but in my heart I knew she was not coming back. The ambulance quickly took us to hospital and tried reviving her all the way. In the hospital they still kept trying but eventually proclaimed her dead some time later. Our hearts were broken that day. Our beautiful Ella was gone and there was absolutely no explanation.

We carried on over the next few months whilst awaiting news on a post-mortem. In February 2016 we attended the hearing of her inquest and were told that there was absolutely no explanation for Ella’s sudden death. The cause of death was simply put down to Sudden Infant Death syndrome and there was nothing that could explain why it had happened.

Years later our hearts still ache for our beautiful Ella. We watch her wonderful twin Lola live her life and we know there should be two little girls doing those things.

Ella you are always in our hearts,
we love you always, our precious little girl xxx