Joshua's Story

In loving memory of
Joshua Thomas Beadle
18.12.2013 - 24.12.2013

My precious baby boy Joshua was born on 18th December 2013 weighing 6.9oz.
My pregnancy with Joshua was very straightforward. He was a big round ball in my tummy with strong little feet. At the time, my daughter Chloe was three years old and loved to cuddle and sing to him, eagerly awaiting Joshua's arrival as his proud big sister.

At 38 weeks pregnant, after five days in slow labour, Joshua arrived via a complicated emergency ceserean section. Once we were both stable, we were moved to the ward where I could finally spend some time with my baby boy. He was the most beautiful little boy I’d ever seen. He had the most amazing blue eyes, little button nose and was a very noisy gurgler - not a cryer. He felt so warm and soft when we had skin to skin, he was so sweet and tiny.

Following three days in hospital, we were able to take Joshua home. After a few hours at home, I noticed that Joshua seemed very quiet and off his milk. I became concerned and my motherly instinct kicked in, telling me something just wasn’t right. We rushed him to hospital to get checked over and from there he was taken from us to intensive care where he battled with sepsis. On 24th December 2013, my heart shattered as my tiny baby boy took his last breath. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of him and what our life should have been. In loving memory of my forever six day old precious boy.
- Mommy xxx