Lily & Nancy's Backstory

In Loving memory of
Lily Joan Taylor & Nancy May Taylor

Lily and Nancy were born sleeping on 17th June 2016 at 16 weeks gestation. They had been longed for by us for eternity and it was only during a routine scan the day before that we were told ‘there was no sign of any heartbeats’. This was the worst possible thing a parent could ever be told. That day our hearts simply broke.

After a 10 hour induced labour, our beautiful baby girls were born. Lily entered the world at 4.25am followed by Nancy nearly an hour later at 5.22am. We marvelled at their delicate features and couldn’t believe how peaceful they looked. Even though we were hurting so much, we couldn't help but feel such an intense love for our precious babies. It was an instant feeling that would last forever.

As soon as they were placed next to each other in their cold cot it was as if they were meant to be together. They were permanently in a tight cuddle, protecting each other, which gave us some comfort amidst our devastation.

Our lives have never been the same again and never will. Although we only got to hold the girls and spend time with them for a couple of days, they will live on through us forever. They are on our minds and in our hearts each and every day and they have made us better people because we are so proud to be their parents.

Lily and Nancy, our little angels, you have touched so many hearts and we know you are always watching over us as we continue through life without you.

Love you now and always, Mommy and Daddy xx