Luna's Backstory

In loving memory of 
Luna Ivy Paulina Cook

On the 20th January 2019, our beautiful first born daughter, Luna was born at full term. I had no complications during my pregnancy other than Luna measuring slightly on the smaller side. Extra monitoring showed no cause for concern. Minutes after she was born she was rushed off to the neonatal ward with breathing difficulties. Doctors had concerns something very worrying was wrong with her. In the meantime we had to wait with no answers as to what was wrong and why she wasn’t in our arms in a bubble of love. Hours had passed and we were finally allowed to go and see her. She was so poorly. Her heart was so very poorly.

The rest of our time on the ward was a blur. She passed away 12 hours after birth and our world fell to pieces. Blood tests later confirmed what the consultants had feared, she had Trisomy 18. Not many people have heard of T18, yet 1 in 6,000 babies are diagnosed with it. It is something that occurs at the point of conception and nothing you can prevent from happening. Sadly the majority of babies born with T18 pass away before their first birthday.

We made precious memories with Luna over a number of days in hospital. We stayed in a beautiful bereavement suite away from other people on the ward. Family were able to come and meet her and say their goodbyes at the same time.

We continue to say her name & include her in everything we do. I’m so proud of how strong she was. She had gone the whole pregnancy unnoticed at how poorly she actually was.

We will continue to raise awareness of Trisomy 18 (Edwards Syndrome) and forever talk of our baby girl. Luna Ivy Paulina Cook, forever loved my darling girl 💛🌙