Maisie's Backstory

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In loving memory of
Maisie Amber Critchlow

I fell pregnant with Maisie in January 2011, and had a very normal healthy pregnancy. I was a week overdue when I went into hospital in labour, only to be told there was no heart beat, my longed for little girl had passed away. She was born a few hours later, I prayed they had got it wrong and I would hear that first cry, but there was just silence. She was perfect, tiny but perfectly beautiful.

My biggest fear is that she will be forgotten so I do all I can to make sure she is always remembered. Thousands of pounds have been raised in her memory, half marathons have been ran, charity events organised…all in my little girls memory.

I have a picture which sums Maisie up perfectly “she was born silent into this world, but her little life spoke volumes”