Pippa The Bunny

In loving memory of
Pippa Doman-Lees

Pippa was born on the 4th May 2023 at 30 weeks. Pippa was the most beautifully perfect little girl a parent could ever wish for.

Unfortunately, Pippa couldn’t be here due to hospital failings. We will however always think of her, include her, cherish her and most of all love her. 

Our beautiful little girl has empowered us to hope and push for change, to try and help improve a terribly failing system for the next family who encounter difficulties during child birth. It is through this, that Pippa’s legacy will shine so brightly.

The rabbit was chosen as a symbol of remembrance as Pippa’s nursery was teaming with bunnies and flowers.

We hope, that Pippa Rabbit can bring light, through both light and dark times for those who need it most.