Thomas's Backstory

In loving memory of
Thomas Roger Derrick.

After 19 months of trying to get pregnant, on the 11th November 2011, I finally got that positive test I was desperate for…

We had our first scan at 6 weeks due to having a bleed. It was then we saw his beautiful heart beating for the first time. The pregnancy wasn't a hard one. I had spd and a few tests due to having ICP with his big brother.

I had my 12 week scan with just my 2 year son old by my side, as their dad was stuck in work. At 19 weeks, we were gifted a 4d scan by our friend where we found out our baby was boy. My 2 year old son then went on to pick the name Thomas and I picked Roger after my grandad. As my due date passed and my bump got bigger, we found out that I had Polyhydramnios. We prayed that Thomas wouldn't be born on his brothers birthday.

Then at 40 weeks and 12 days we went in hospital to have labour started. When there we found out our beautiful baby boy had died. We saw his little heart for the last time on the scan, this time there wasn't a beautiful flutter of a heart beat. My labour was started and I was sent home to wait.

The next day, on my sons 3rd birthday at 1.19am, my beautiful 6lb2.5oz baby boy Thomas was born.

We had 13 days with him. Where we got to let family meet him. Bathe him and make as many memories as we could, before I got to carry him for the very last time.